For all those who are following the recent developments on how HOPE is transforming communities, amidst rising challenges, these are exciting times. Decades of hard work, and the selfless sacrifice of the indigenous workers are beginning to yield results. 

It is estimated that India will be the most populous nation by 2022. By 2025 48% of the population will be under the age of twenty-five and out of which 80% are growing up in the most remote and rural villages without access to education and life skills. With that in mind, we are urgently responding to those who are desperate for HOPE because the timing is critical. 

“India's ability to seize the opportunities available to our young population will depend on the success of its efforts to address the key challenges plaguing Indian education and vocational training. If we succeed, we ensure the prosperity of our own people and become the workhorse of the world, as other countries' ageing populations turn to us for the provision of goods and services. If we fail, our demographic dividend risks become a demographic disaster, since unemployed, frustrated and unemployable young men become prey to the blandishments of extremists and fanatics, as we have already seen in a number of insurgencies, particularly in our educationally under-served tribal areas.” - Shashi Tharoor – Member of Parliament/ Opposition leader, Former UN Under Secretary 

Since 2005, Partners India is bringing the love of Christ from a heart of compassion and a life of service to the most vulnerable and hopeless. We bring the hope of Jesus Christ culturally relevant without compromising its central message. Lives are being transformed! 

Friends, God is at work! Would you allow God to use your life to transform the destiny of hopeless and destitute today?

Partnering together,
Ashish & Suvarnamala Pushkaran